35E Recycler™

Portable Sponge-Jet Recyclers™ - Are used to separate dust, broken down paint and other materials from reusable Sponge Media™ abrasives as part of the recycling process. They are designed to offer the maximum range of capabilities, size and flexibility of power source. Larger units have higher throughput capacity and remove a greater percentage of fine contaminants than smaller units.


Production-aligned with typical flow of Sponge Media through a single Feed Unit™. Highly portable. Electrically powered (voltage drop from extensions cords must be avoided). 

Features specific to the 35-E Recycler™ are:

  • Compact, production-capable design
  • Practical balance between process speed, size, power requirements and separation efficiency
  • Mid-sized, easily relocated on job sites
  • Clamp system for ease of transport, quick screen inspection and cleaning
  • Oversized hopper for Sponge Media™ ease of flow through the system
  • Electrical connections use standard outlet, all air is then available for supporting the blast nozzle
  • Lifting frame option available for lifting by overhead crane
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